With our Cloud based VoIP phone system you get the best features

Auto attendant, Greeting, Call routing, Voicemail to Email, Ring strategies, Call recording and all baseic features like Call waiitng, Caller ID name & Number, Call forwarding and etc.

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Freedom & Unlimited Possibilities 


Choose the best option

Single Phone

Do not mix personal and business calls 

Get a Local Phone number with unlimited Canada & USA Talk


On IP-Phone or APP


Small Business

Sound professional with Greeting and Auto attendant

Add Extension and features based on your need

Billed monthly 

per Exntensions / Features 


Hosted PBX

Unlimited Extensions and Features

Call Report and Call recording

Dedicated Server 


For every Business Phone number  u can add


Toll Free Number


Get answers for questions about our Business Phone Sytems

We know It is difficult to chose a service provider for your Business, there are so many options out there. That is why we suggest you talk to one of our sales reps so we can help you get one tailored for you . As a business owner you better focus on growing your business and let us take care of your communication needs.

Look & Sound professional
Low Cost & Scability
Connect from anywhere
No Contract
No Setup fee

We have been a VoIP business phone customer since 2011 and never had an issue. Customer Support is rock solid and making changes as our business grows has never been easier. I can not imagine what our company would be now if we had gone another direction when we started. You will not get a better combination of price and quality anywhere else.

– Alicia McKanzey


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